Thursday, June 28, 2007

As the deadline approaches

Last night me and my BJP buddy got together to bead.
Absolutely no beads were put down, we talked about beading and the process though, does that count?
She does not read the blog(s) like I do so I was just sharing with her all of the things I have read. All of this group have opened their souls and let us in. They have shared with us things that you only share with people you can totally trust. Is it because it is the internet and we can't see each others faces?
Or is it the power of beads? Those magical little things that bring people of all shapes, sizes, and colors together.
My company name uses the old english spelling of bede, Luna C Bede. The definition to that word is: a prayer. Beads back then being mostly used as prayer beads.
My prayer for you all is: now that your soul has opened up, more love and peace will come your way and fill up that soul part of you.

I hope to post a photo by Monday of the almost completed June page.
I am going out of town this weekend, up north where the deer play and women bead.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Vicki said...

Thank you for your prayer.

I, too, have felt awash in the good wishes and openness of our bead buddies.

I wonder if the journal project itself, being often a deeply personal artform, allows our soul the opportunity to express itself. And when it does, there are so many tender souls such as yourself to receive the gift.

Have a blessed time in the north country!

Sunni said...

Have a blessed time on your trip.
Your words are so true. It has been such a special time of beading. I know as I bead I think of all the other people doing this, and how they are coming along and if others are getting as much joy out of it as all the ladies that are posting.
I know for me I feel almost in awe of all of it.

Robin said...

Interesting post... might be a good subject for the BJP as well. Bede, bead, prayer - the whole essence of beads is that they go together, and we of the BJP are like beads. And because it's more about journaling than about art, we put out and take in communications of our hearts. It's magical, isn't it?!