Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July Update

What a difference a month will make.
Today I placed the last stones in the labyrinth and added the key. I feel marvelous about it. I actually love it. I still need to add in the mossy beads and finish outside the labyrinth but there is time.
As I was working on the page I kept feeling this need to help others experience this healing journey that I had set myself upon. Then the idea came to me to structure a class where people would start on a art journal. Not necessarily artists, just anyone who had an adventuresome soul.
I scheduled some dates and sent out an invitation to my email list. Within 24 hours I had filled up a class and added another one for later in the year.
If it wasn't for the Beaded Journal Project none of this would have happened. If it wasn't for all of you that wrote such blessed comments it would not have happened. Thank you all for sending me down this path and keeping me on track. I hope your journey will be as fruitful. Love to you all!
I'll post a photo tomorrow. The camera battery was dead when I went to take a photo of my progress.


freebird said...

Great! I hope you have a happy and successful class. I really don't think Robin invisioned this much happening to everyone, do you?

Brenda said...

No I don't think she did. But I wonder if she did not have that same push to do it, like the push I felt.

freebird said...

It's possible. Whatever it is, it's great!

Angela said...

Hey I wondered where that key I am looking for went, figures it would show up in someones page. Good luck with your classes and your page looks great. Keep up the journey. - Angie