Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Weekend is Over

As I have mentioned before I do the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I am a certified aromatherapist, out there I sell smelly stuff, soaps, oils, teas, lotions, bath salts. This is our tenth year. I would not be able to do it alone. My family and friends volunteer their time each year to make sure the booth is manned. This here is my grandson, Eric, hard at work.

This last weekend was the opener. It rained from the moment it opened, on Saturday, to the moment they closed
early (a first in the 35 years it has been open) on Sunday. I wish I would have thought to get a photo of the massive flooding on the grounds. But I was just so pleased that the tent was keeping out the rain I did not think about it. Here is a photo of the tent with the sides on it. I finished the last side on Friday, kind of cutting it close, but that is what I live for.

The festival goes for 7 weekends. And now due to my roommate's situation I need to also move during this time, its for sure now. The last post I think she had said she was just thinking about it. I have asked the Universe to give me guidance. This move feels momentous, I want to go in the right direction. At this point I am still too emotional about the whole thing to make a wise decision.

Tomorrow there will be a photo of my August page. Throughout all of this craziness I allow myself an hour or two in the morning to bead. It gives me time to center myself and to think. How do non-beaders do it?

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