Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I finished the piece I was having you guess about.
Not too many guesses though. Vivage came closest!
Vivage, if you would like to email me your address I will send you out your prize. The prize was beads I received from a woman from Ghana. There the women make beads out of crushed glass and they bake it right
in the earth, too cool and so resourceful. You can find my email on my website, Luna C Bede

I won't even try to have you guess my thoughts behind this one.
I love the way it is feeling though!

Have a marvelous day everyone!


KV said...

Gee, Brenda -- I never knew that factoid about beadmaking in Africa. This page is fascinating and I am one of those who could not hazard a guess as to what it was!

Kathy V in NM

beadbabe49 said...

great page!

abeadlady said...


I'm having trouble logging in to email you so I can start my webpage. Could you email me at: arlinebeadlady@msn.com please so I can post my pictures? Thanks.


vivage said...

Yay! I sent you email.

I love the start of your new page...but I'm not going to try and guess where you're going with it.

Robin said...

Hi Brenda ~ I just tagged you to do a meme... Hope you will, as I would really enjoy reading your responses. You can see it on my blog. Thanks!