Monday, July 14, 2008


Just when you think you are done, then you have to finish!

I really wanted to keep with the idea of a journal when I finished my pages. I finished beading all the pages and I turned the edges over and sewed them down on the back. Not knowing what I was doing when I first started this journal I never thought that once I did turn the edges under I would have 1/4 inch of
extra fabric with no beading on it!

So my idea is to line each of the pages with buckskin colored Ultrasuede, with an extra tab on the left for grommets. Now though I have to bead around each of the three edges, covering up the extra fabric and attaching the Ultrasuede to the front. I have already added beading to the left where the extra Ultrasuede is so you can't see the extra fabric.

The beading is going fast but it is so boring, the same color all the way around. So to keep my sanity I am starting my entry for The Beaded Book. It has lots of color and is very whimsical.

My next post I will show you the base of the book that will house my journal.
Stay tuned!


KV said...

Wouldn't it be so cool if one of us from the BJP could win that competition?

It may be boring, but your edge beadwork is beautiful -- your book is going to be awesome!

Kathy V in NM

morwyn said...

ah - the beaded book - that works for me on many levels. possibilities indeed!

Robin said...

I admire your attention to detail and stick-to-itivness, Brenda! Your journal book will be so very beautiful and neatly finished!!!! You are very smart to alternate the boring edging with more fun work. Maybe on some of the pieces, you could change the edge color every so often... just a thought.

Robin A.

Brenda said...

There you go again Robin!
Just when I think I am thinking outside the box, you remind me I am not. What a fabulous idea about changing the edging colors. Thank goodness I am on the first page or I would have had to redo all of them.

Mountain Salt Studio said...

I can't wait to see your finished project - I'd thought about making something for that competition but chickened out.