Monday, June 15, 2009

Two Post in One Day!

Two post in one day, you know what must have frozen over!

Not really, I also just got done with my May page, so I figured I better post so I could actually start June's page in June! WhooHoo!

May's page signifies May Day for me. My brother and my son use to live in the same apartment building that I did, right on the shores of one of the lakes in Minneapolis. Every year on May Day we would go across the street and run with ribbons around a particular tree.

In keeping with my year's theme, it is these memories that give me peace. I know things change, but some of the great things that we do, I wish those could go on forever. But at least every May Day I think back on those times, remember and smile.


KV said...

Such a lovely, sweet memory . . .

Kathy V in NM

pam T said...

O Brenda, this is Lovely! Wish I could see all your pages and art in person and up close! Memories are definitely great, and all those experiences make us into what we are today... I think that is a good thing!?
Either way, Love this page--so Simple, yet Striking!

a2susan said...

Your depiction of May Day is lovely. It must have been nice living near your brother and son and having this ribbon waving to look forward to.


Marty S said...

I love the way you use the photos in combination with the beading. And I did look at all of your pages together on the (where everyone can have a page to post their work--whatever you call that). It's a great group.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Robin said...

Well, for one, I ADORE a May Pole and even more the idea of dancing around one!!! There's a festival every May in Pulsbo (I think), WA on the Olympic Penninsula where they have a grand huge May Pole and traditional Scandanavian dance performances all day. I've always wanted to go.

Brenda, even more, I have to tell you how smitten I am with your Madeline Island pieces grouped together (on the BJP website member page)... OMG, how lovely can one get!!!! If looking at these doesn't lift your spirits, I don't know what would.

Thanks for posting this and lifting MY spirits! Robin A.