Monday, July 30, 2007

I Lied

I know it is hard to believe but I lied. I said my page would be done by the end of the weekend. Here it is Monday morning and I still have a good 8 hours before I finish. I'll just say by the end of the week. Hopefully I don't lie to you twice in one week!
The other thing I have going on is getting my application in for the ACC show. I would only do the one here in St Paul. I tried last year and was rejected. One of the artist there this year said to keep trying, the judges change so what they jury in changes. If any of you have any pointers, I will gladly accept them.
Then the other thing going on is that I am a vendor at our local Renaissance fair. This is our 10th year out there and it may be our last. I am going to wait until the end of the run to make my decision. But I wanted to go out in style, so I am making us a new 10 x 25 foot tent. It is taking up way to much time. But it is going to be beautiful, I'll post a picture once it is up.
So with all of that going on in the next couple of weeks I may not be posting as much as I have.
I leave you with a quote by Carl Jung -
"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves."

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