Thursday, August 2, 2007

35W Bridge

I think most of the country now knows that the 35W bridge here in Minneapolis collapsed last night. My thoughts and prayers are with the survivors and the families of the victims. Nothing could ever prepare you for this kind of random catastrophe.

They say 141,000 people use that bridge every day. Because I am self employed I usually don't have to use it. Yesterday I was on it twice getting to and from a job. My brother was on it at 5:30 that night after picking his dog up from the vet.

Events like these make me take stock of my life and help me put things in perspective. At least I have that option, others were not so lucky. Perhaps it is time to make living safer.


Caren said...

I think everyone in the U.S. is thinking that it could have been them on a similar bridge.

I don't live in MN but I crossed the 35W bridge a few times years ago, so it is somewhat familiar to me. I also drive over a similar bridge daily here in Colorado that has a lower rating than the 35W bridge.

Caren (BJP member)

KV said...

Our thoughts are with all of you in the Minneapolis area, too. Still can't believe this happened . . .

Kathy V in NM

freebird said...

I am glad you and your brother were not on the bridge at the wrong time. I wish no one had been. Life is precious and sad things like this should at least remind the rest of us to make the most of it.

The bad Liz said...

It's moments like this that really make you assess life and what is important.

My parents and younger brother saw a plane crash on take off from Detroit Metro Airport - in the rear view mirror. They were far enough to not be hurt, close enough to feel the heat. My brother says that it continues to mark the way he thinks about things.

Julie said...

Thank God you and your brother were not on this bridge when it fell. Things like this do make you stop and think about your life. Here in England our thoughts are with everyone touched by this awful event. Take care.