Saturday, July 7, 2007

Live Earth

I have been watching Live Earth all day.
What an incredible event. The little facts that they would show throughout the concerts were provocative. It seems like doing so little can make a big change. If you have not yet you should make a commitment at Live Earth, you can do as little as change light bulbs, shop more aware, take mass transit. Click on the "Answer the Call" banner when you get to the site.
I want to do more. I have switched to refillable water bottles, I may not flush the toilet every time, if I have just a few things I don't take a bag, I recycle as much as I can.
But will it be enough to save the earth?
Lake Superior is down by about 3 feet. It is one of the world's largest fresh water lakes. Sometimes they have to dredge it out now so the ships can come in.
I read on that there was a lake up in the mountains in Chile that just disappeared. It was 100 feet deep! Gone! Read about it here.
Its time to Answer the Call.

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freebird said...

I think the lake ended up in the areas of the country that got drenched for the last couple of weeks! Yes, we can all do something and should. Mother nature will do as she wishes but we don't need to add to her tantrums. We should be soothing the savage beast. Our little Hyundai gets 40mpg with a gas engine. We hope to get a hybrid next time but it will be a while before we need a new car and the hybrids had better get better than 40mpg when we do. As each person passes the message it will gain importance. I remember the 70's when recycling really took hold, Christmas lights were a no no! But I guess a great economy took hold and we lost a lot we now have to regain.