Thursday, July 12, 2007


I took my grandson to the Science Museum and we toured the new exhibit there, Pompeii. Mt Vesuvius not only destroyed the city, it also preserved it.
The exhibit is amazing. The patinas on the copper and bronze pieces are exquisite. Plus they had glass beads there, how they survived is a mystery.
Then there is the room full of body casts. Humans and animals. The man that discovered Pompeii saw all of these cavities in the lava. They decided to fill one with plaster and see what it looked like. Much to their surprise, they discovered some of the inhabitants of Pompeii in the last hours of their lives.
It got me to wondering. How long will my beadwork be around? Do you think that in a couple thousand years someone may find it and put it under glass? Will it be labeled correctly?

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