Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Some work to do yet.

I have some serious work to do yet. I fell behind when I moved, and my dog went through an operation, and I started the fairy crown for the Beads of Whimsy show. To keep you up to date, I love my new place, my dog is healthy and I was accepted into the Beads of Whimsy show. I am so honored by my acceptance, I am in the show with such greats as Diane Fitzgerald, Ann Gilbert, Carol Horn and more. It is humbling.

Now onto how I am fairing with the Bead Journal Project....

October is started.

November is more than half way done.

December and January are in my head yet.

And February will be done by the end of the week. Way early. I think because of it's theme, Passion, I have a lot of that. It has almost beaded itself. November's theme is abundance, I have always had a problem feeling abundant. And October's theme is community, another troublesome area for me. But I am plugging away.

Thanks for stopping by even though there has been nothing new for quite some time. I have now reconnected to the internet so I hope to be posting as often as I had before. Have a peaceful evening.


abeadlady said...

Without even seeing your fairy crown, I know why you were accepted in to the Beads of Whimsy show. Your beading is exquisite. I especially like your use of the triagular beads. You are not alone in being behind. So am I and many others. Keep up the good work.


KV said...

I am with Arline -- your pages are stunning! And we are all behind in getting this fall's and winter's pages done. You seem to work the same way I do with multiple pages going at once.

Bet that fairy crown is outstanding!

Kathy V in NM

coral-seas said...

Welcome back, I've missed you.

Your pages are awesome. I love it all but those leaves on the November page, wow! How on earth do you get the beads so tight and orderly?


Brenda said...

Thanks for the kind words all. This project has made me a better person, I think it is coming out in my pages.

To CA, most of my work is stitched on 2 beads at a time, then I go down through the fabric and back up between those two beads and out the last bead. Then I add two more. You have precise placement when you stitch this way and the beads fit snugly. But it does take a long time to bead this way.

a2susan said...

Welcome back. And thank you for sharing your exquisite beadwork. It is a pleasure to look at and take in. I hope your housing situation has improved and things are stable for you. Susan

Kathy Wagner said...

Great to see your latest work! I enjoyed reading about how the theme affects your pace of beading. I love your february piece!

Julie said...

Oh my,I love your heart piece. It made me lose my breath. It is so wonderful Julie

freebird said...

Humility is good for the soul but really, your work is just great!