Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Soaps and More.....

I was tagged twice!
But of course you have already read what I was doing, snack, to do list...

So I thought this time you might like to know more about the other side of me. 15 years ago I went with a friend into a metaphysical store. They sold books and rocks, plus herbs and oils. I had never been into such a place, I was enthralled to say the least. It was the smell that captured my attention the most.

I bought a book on herbs and oils, went home read it that night, went back for more the next day. I was hooked! I even went so far as to enroll in school and get my certification (aromatherapy). Just a note on that, here in the US certification means nothing, you can take a 6 hour class and get a certificate. But if I ever move to Europe, I will be qualified to practice my skill with no additional schooling.

As I was in school I started making different blends of oils. Friends would stop by and buy them right off my kitchen counter for gifts. It was the beginning of a dream to open my own store, just like the one I shopped at first. But we would be friendlier, that shop had staff that would actually make you feel inferior if you asked a question, I am all about customer service.

The year after I was tagged for, 1999 I had a car accident. I believe that we are given moments in our life to opt out if we need to. I think that was one of mine. I was t-boned, the car that hit me was at least doing 45 mph. The weird thing is that I saw it happen from the back seat. I saw me fly across and hit the opposite window. Another note here, I was not wearing a seat belt, not that I don't want you guys to not wear one. I believe our goverment does not have the right to tell us that we have to wear one, especially in our state where motorcyclist don't even have to wear helmets. OK off my soapbox.

Back to my story, the kid that hit me must have seen that I had split into two beings, he asked how my passenger was! My car was totaled, I was sore but nothing life threatening. I must have opted to stay here. For the next month I road my bike to work until one day minding my own business I got hit and flew 10 - 15 feet into the busiest road we have here. As I lay there I assessed my damages, nothing but the knuckle on my right hand. Again I walked away. But I pondered what the universe was trying to tell me. I had gotten so bored with my job as a picture framer, I had been doing it for almost 20 years. I really wanted to open a shop that could awaken people to the possibilities of better living.

I did nothing about it though.

Until again a few weeks later, minding my own business, in a car my son had loaned me, in the middle of a block, someone decided to pull a u-turn right into me. Just a fender bender, car was bent, I was fine. But that one hit me like a ton of bricks, I went home and cried the day away. I knew if I did not do what I was put on this earth to do, the universe was going to take me off this earth.

I called my boss and quit, he is one of the most compassionate men I know. He understood totally why I did it. I opened my shop within 2 months, everything just fell into place. I featured my own concoctions there, blended oils, soaps, lotions, even incense I made myself. Plus I had all my artist friend's things there on consignment. My customers turned into friends. It was a place you could go to when you were out of sorts and when you walked out it was with purpose. I feel I made a difference.

We were open for almost 5 years, something weird happened that I won't go into here. But it helped me to make the decision to close. But looking back it was the right decision..

I still make all those wonderful smells though, I sell them at the Minnesota Renaissance and through my other website
Pink Moon Hallow.


beadbabe49 said...

awesome story, brenda! I had a somewhat similar experience happen 17 years ago and I too decided to stay here...

KV said...

Amazing story, Brenda. One never knows what the universe has in store for us. And I thank you for sharing it, too.

Now I am off to explore your website 'cause I adore good smelling soaps and stuff!

Kathy V in NM

artandtea said...

Wow, thanks for sharing your incredible story, Brenda.
I think that we all have life changing moments. Sometimes they're huge like yours were and sometimes they're quiet and subtle. Amazing.

freebird said...

What a tale you have to tell! How can you even get into a car these days? I've been in two but years apart - the first was a T-bone but no one was going fast and no one got hurt. The second I rolled my truck into a snow filled ditch and didn't get hurt but those were 30 years apart. I can't imagine how you held up as long as you did before finally caving in to the feelings of it all. So what do you do now or is your home business your main business?

freebird said...

By the way, my rollover was on my way back to Lismore, MN from Great Lakes,IL. I lived in Minnesota for a few years. I really like it there but all my family is in California.

Brenda said...

Looks like I am not the only one that had a life changing moment. Thank you all for sharing your stories.
We are truly blessed by your presence.
Love to each of you

Sacredartist said...

Great story, Brenda. I am still on the edge of my seat. Had a lady last week drive past my children and I who were standing on a corner. After it past we started walking across the street and heard a crash. The car went into the other lane and hit a parked U-haul truck. Evidently the lady must have past out. But it could have happened sooner and she could have ran into us. So your story was like WOW. Everyday is a miracle.