Saturday, June 7, 2008


This is the first time I have ever been tagged. I don't know much about this, I don't even know what meme means? But I am going to answer the questions that were on Robin's blog.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was living in a beautiful apartment right on the shore of Lake Calhoun here in Minneapolis. Hardwood floors, french doors into the bedrooms, 18 large windows, plus it still had the door that the ice man would use, I loved it. Plus my son lived above me, my brother lived across the courtyard, and the manager was such a good friend we vacationed with him. Four years ago they tore it down to make way for progress, a steel and glass condo building, a crying shame it was.

It was the first year that I vacationed on Madeline Island with the above aforementioned people. We made it a yearly event that lasted for 7 years. I fell in love with that island. I go back, even if just for a visit every year. I have dreams of building a retreat center up there one day. Madeline is going to be the basis for my 2008 BJP.

I also had just been accepted into the Minnesota Renaissance. I had 2 months to make all the product and to make a period tent! I had never before made a tent. I can remember my father coming downstairs ( I had commandeered their basement as a tent making headquarters), asking me all sorts of technical tent making questions. I stared at him with a blank look. That is when he said to me "you don't have a clue, do you?". I could only answer honestly, "No". With the help of family and friends I raised the tent and got through my first year. This year will be our 11th season, we are all old pros at it.

What are 5 things on my to do list?
Clean up the Rennie site
Order supplies to make soap
Weed the garden
Finish reading Robin's new book
Finish rearranging the living room

Snacks I enjoy
I am really not a snacker.
But on the coldest of winter days I get a craving for ice cream.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
Build a retreat center on Madeline Island
and did I say travel?

Places I have lived
I grew up in Waterloo/CedarFalls, Iowa. This is when the farming industry was taking a nose dive. The economy was very depressed, and the first thing people do is drink, I knew I had to leave or I would become one of them.
So I joined my family (they had moved a few years before me) in Minneapolis. Compared to Iowa it was a paradise. The lakes, the bike paths, the culture.
For a small stint, when my son was less then a year old I lived in Bartlesville, OK. At the time it was rated the richest city in America per capita. It was where Phillips 66 was started. Coming from the north I use to laugh at them when it would snow. There would be only a half inch of snow on the ground and they would shut down the whole town. It was a great experience, but I would never move back.
Places I would live - Portugal, I had such a great feeling there. They are not as worried about big houses, fancy cars. They love to enjoy life and live it. Plus they are surrounded with such beautiful architect and history. If you get a chance, go, but do not stay in the big cities, experience the real Portugal.
Plus I think I have only mentioned Madeline Island a few times.

Peeps I want to know more about
I don't like to force (not that I feel forced Robin!) these kind of things on people but if you would like to try this, be my guest. It is quite fun to think about these questions and answer them. Plus everyone will know a little bit more about you. Which is the most magical part about it.
Let me know if you do it, I want to read all about you!


Robin said...

Thanks, Brenda!!!! Great fun to read this and get a sense of your energy, force (making the tent!), generosity (which I already knew about because of the BJP website and sense of humor! I hope you win a lottery or something so you can build that retreat center. You'd be a natural to make it really special.

artandtea said...

Hi Brendan,
I really enjoyed reading about you, especially your hopes and dreams.

KV said...

Well, I tagged you, too, in response to being tagged twice myself! If you want to read more about me, go to my blog at

Kathy (who wants to know more about your soaps!)

Sacredartist said...

I enjoyed you meme, Brenda. Your apt. in the city sounded wonderful. A space can really define your life and how you live it.
You can read my meme on my blog. Just click my name.