Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dog Days of November

When I left you last I had just finished October's page. And I was not very peaceful. So I started thinking about the things that do make me peaceful, for instance the island that is the background for my BJP 08, and my dog, Shambala.

This is her after her last bath. She is a mixed breed, Bernese Mountain and Springer Spaniel. I have the pleasure of being able to work mostly from home, so she is my constant companion. Nothing gives me more joy than watching her, she has a way of living life to its fullest, whether she is playing, swimming or just waiting for me. She is always in the moment, I could learn a lot from her.

So my page this month is dedicated to her. Even as I beaded her I smiled. Whenever we would walk down this path to the lake, she would stop at the end and wait for me. It was like she wanted us to experience it together. Here's to you Shambala, may I become the person you think I am.


Carol said...

O, Silly!! You ARE the person she thinks you are!! You love her as she loves you unconditionally. She values your companionship as much as you do hers. That's why she waits...to be with you.

My dogs are also my companion. My husband laughs. He usually goes to bed before me. He hears me come in the room, but can't find me because I am kneeling on the floor hugging each of my dogs goodnight. They are my calming end to the day.

We are so lucky, aren't we?

Julie said...

That is so sweet Brenda. She is a very loyal dog, Ive had the pleasure to meet her. Dogs just think we are the greatest. I love your piece. Julie C

KV said...

This is positively adorable! And how could it not be with such a wonderful doggy companion at hand?

Kathy V in NM

Muriel said...

Ohhh, your dog is too sweet, I smile too when I see your page. I have a dog too, also black,I thought to embroider a page about her but wondered how, you have made a very beautiful work!

Marty S said...

Oh, nice... It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your dog.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

heidibeads said...

You and your dog are lucky to have each other. She's such a sweet thing! What a great page - I think you captured her well. I would enjoy walking down that path, too.

Robin said...

Shambala, the mostly black with some white spots wonder dog!!! Oh,it is so delightful how she waits for you beside the path to peacefulness... nothing obstructing this path and a faithful companion to go along with you!!! I LOVE it!!!!! And Carol's right about you.

Hugs, Robin A.

rmt said...

This is wonderful! I love the way you describe your dog and how obviously important to you she is. You really captured her face in the beading - I love it!