Tuesday, February 17, 2009

October is Done!

Yes, that says October! What can I say.

So this is my second piece of my series, The Pursuit of Peace. I can tell you that while I was beading it I did not feel very peaceful. Maybe that is why it is a pursuit.

I can tell you that I really like the way the totem turned out. I tried to get the same look to it that I would get if I stamped him and then used embossing powders. I always use this stamp upside down, I like it better that way. It has hair on top of his head and feet that I can stab into the ground and make a stand with.

Now on to November......


Carol said...

Well, I like it. The totem is great. Who cares if you posted October late. the point is to enjoy the project, and yours looks great!

KV said...

Oh, yes -- I well understand when pursuit is not peaceful. Just ask my husband how much muttering has been going on around here!

Lovely page, Brenda, and that totem is awesome!

Kathy V in NM

pam T said...

I like it too! Great colors. The pursuit of peace always seems to give much unrest, but at least you have great beading along the way!

a2susan said...

It may have been a challenge for you to do the piece peacefully, but looking at it, I want to go down that path!


Angela said...

I agree with Susan it might not have been peaceful to work on but it is peaceful to look at and makes you want to go down the path. Hang in there, your work is great and sometimes the pursuit of peace takes time. ~Angie

heidibeads said...

Very cool. I like the totem, too. Keep up the great work. Love the way you combine photo and beads and other textures.

Robin said...

Dear wonderful Brenda!

Would you like to tell us more about the not very peaceful and the pursuit parts??? What has been happening in your life to block peacefulness?

The other commenters say they like the totem (and as a beaded piece, so do I... also I think you achieved your stamping/embossing objective)... but... it also looks like the totem and the beaded fern (shrub) are blocking the pathway a little... as if something is/was in the way of peacefulness for you right now.

However it is, congratulations on finishing October and I hope November will progress with enjoyment!

Love, Robin A.

Hélène H said...

This is great, so intriguing !