Monday, July 20, 2009

The Beginning of the End

August, who would have thought it would arrive so soon.

You are right, it is still 10 days away. But my August and September are so hectic with the Renaissance Festival lasting 7 of those 8 weeks. That I feel I should get this finished while I can.

This is the start of my piece. The sunset photo is the last photo I took, the last time I was up on Maddy Island. We were waiting for the ferry to take us back to the mainland. It is always so bitter sweet, I have had such a great time being in nature but I am also leaving and I know I won't be back any time soon. This photo was taken a year ago.

The stamp that I am using this time is Reach for the Stars. It is an image of all these women holding each other up while the top one reaches for the star. I love this rubber stamp. I have had it for ages but never had the perfect time to use it. Now it feels perfect. The imagery reminds me of all the help I feel from the blogging community, both the commenters and the readers. Each one is dear to me. And this image reminds me that you can not very well reach for a star when it is bright daylight out, you won't know where they are, you have to wait until it gets shadowy and dark before you can see where they might be.

Thanks for giving me a "leg up".
Stop back to see the beadwork on this piece.


Barb said...

What a beautiful start to your project. I can hardly wait to see how it comes out. :)

Robin said...

Oooh, Brenda, I love this stamp too!!!!! Out of curiosity, who is it by?

What a lovely way to end the series... a beautiful sunset, bitter-sweet as you leave your beloved Maddy Island... bitter-sweet as we end another year of journaling, yet anticipate the next sunrise.

Hugs and best of luck for prosperity at the Renaissance Festival! Maybe I can get to it (with Julie?) when I come...


Brenda said...

It was years ago I bought the stamp.
I tried to find a link for you but I only came up with the artist.

They are called Wild Wacky Women.

KV said...

Ah, this promises to be very special indeed . . .

Kathy V in NM

pam T said...

can't wait to see the progress on this one, it makes me sad in a way to see this year come to an end, we all seem to have grown so much. I've heard lots about the Renassance Festival in Minnesota, are you actively involved in it?

Brenda said...

Pam, I had to smile when I read your question if we were actively involved. This is my 13th year out there, I own a booth were I sell soaps, lotions, oils, incense, anything that smells. I am trying to get juried in next year for beadwork. Everything you sell has to be ok'd by the office. It will be quite a switch, and I am not certain my customers will love it, but I will. And as everyone knows it is all about me!

freebird said...

That's a terrific stamp and picture. What a great idea.

When I lived in Japan I was quite surprised once when a Japanese worker couldn't quite reach the spot he needed to nail down another man just immediately stooped down and the other got on his shoulders and hammered away. It was obviously a common thing to do - why go get a ladder? but it was strange to this American.