Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Back

I have done so much since I last posted!
That I can not even begin to describe it all in one post, it would go on forever.
So that I don't get bogged down with it all, I'll just start with a photo of one of the headdresses I am working on for the MN Start Arts Board Grant that I received for this year.

I tentatively named it Neptune's Daughter. I could use some help with a cooler name for it. Anyone?


Dulcey said...

Words escape me - other than Amazing! Wow! I want to see it in person! Beautiful work, I'm so glad you got the grant.

Marty S said...

I'm astounded! It's fabulous, and I think the name is perfect

robin michelle said...

Incredible! This is so beautiful & I agree that the name is great. It really fits well. A really gorgeous piece, congratulations!

Crystalline Light's Blog said...

Holy buckets sister that is STUNning! And the name fits. :)

Carol said...

Appropriate name for a FABULous piece!!!

Glad your blogging again!!! too

coral-seas said...

Welcome back. This is stunning, more than stunning.

Apparently Neptune had 4 daughters, Benthiscya, Despoena, Neptunia and Rhode, how about one of those. I rather like Neptunia.