Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let's Go Back to Where I Stopped

I usually stop blogging in the middle of the Renaissance. This year was no different.
For those of you that don't know, I have a booth at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. The Festival lasts 7 weekends, starting in mid August thru September. This year it even went thru the first weekend of October.
I sell smelly things out there, soaps, oils, incense. I started that business almost 18 years ago. I have been at the Rennie for 13 of those years. It feels like that part of my life is over, so I put my booth up for sale this year. I love my booth, it sits under an ancient oak tree that drops its acorns on us through out the fall. When I started, my friends and I hauled in tons of rock and made the beds you see in the photo. There is something very magical about it all.
But - I am done with it. Its not only the 7 weekends that I have missed of late summer and fall for the last years. It is the hours that go into cleaning it up every year so it looks like this, the hours that go into filling that tent with products to sell. It feels like work now, its time to move on.
Of course, now I just need a buyer. I'll let the universe figure that one out for me.
So now you know where I stopped blogging, tomorrow I'll post about the fun week after!

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Nickname unavailable said...

I'll be very sorry to see you leave the Renaissance Festival - I always looked forward to stocking up on Lily of the Valley oil and smelling all of you creations, but I understand about moving on with your life. Good luck in your new adventures!