Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Drawers for whatever the future holds. I made the drawers from Peltex, I use it a lot, I buy it by the bolt these days. In this photo you can see the paper box I made for the pattern and all the Peltex is cut.
I then dyed each of the drawers while they were flat. I did this with Dyn-na-flow, three different colors. I first wet the pieces and then paint them with the dye, it gives them a nice watercolor look. After they were dried I sprayed them with Moon Shadow Mist, this ages them a bit and gives a hint of sparkle. The best side was used for inside the box which will be seen.
Here is the finished book with all the drawers. Each month I will make a front to the drawer which eventually will cover up all the hole and will make it look like a dresser. 


Tracey N. said...

I cant wait to see how this project will turn out. Its a great idea. Sounds very complicated too.

Sabine said...

This is a fantastic idea! Thank you for showing the process of construction.